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Design your Business Communications

Introducing the UCP100

  • iPECS UCP100 allows users to have videos, instant messaging, audio conferences, visual voice mails and voice calls on the same unique platform. It also allows customisation through external collaboration features.

  • Thanks to its Geographical / Server redundancy and T-Net features the UCP100 succeed in providing a high reliable services while simplifying the management of local and remote offices. The UCP 100 exploits the IPECS UCS mobile client, with optimised communicator, mobile extension, Wi-Fi terminals and DECT, to ensure high-quality communication both in and out of the office.

  • Innovative and useful application, such as iPECS CCS, IPCR, Attendant, NMS, Voice Mail, Click Call, and Microsoft Lync, allow a meaningful user experience, helping to integrate the business communications, adapting to the different business situations and, consequently, satisfying the company’s needs.

  • The easy installation and intuitive use of the UCP100, allows the users to enjoy straight away its new product and the different features, with customisable and flexible configurations based on HTML5.

  • Investing in a UCP100 is worth due to its capacity of being expanded through the addition of further UCP100, as the business grows and the need for unified communications extends.

Ericsson-LG iPECS UCP 100 Features

  • 50 x system port licenses (SPL)

  • 30 x IP extension licenses (IPL)

  • 1 internal slot for trunk board (COIU4, BRIU2 or BRIU4)

  • Built-in voicemail (4 channels and 4 hours storage)

  • 6 x built-in VoIP channels

  • 2 x SLT Ports

  • 2 x UCS Standard Desktop Licenses

  • 2 x UCS Mobile licenses

  • 2 x Clickcall licenses

The iPECS UCP100 satisfies Small and Medium Enterprises’ needs through its unified communication platform. Easy and economical, allows high-standard business performance while requiring simple installation and management. The service is exceptionally reliable, allowing on-going connectivity, anytime and anywhere.

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